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ScooperGenie is a light-weight and easy to use pooper-scooper.

The innovative disposable bag is constructed of a wire frame and a plastic bag. You simply insert the bag, scoop and eject. The patent pending wire frame is strong, but thin to easily get underneath the waste without smearing it on the ground.

Disposing of the poop bag is simple; just push the release button and the spring loaded release mechanism ejects the bag for you.

ScooperGenie is made of aluminum, weighs only 6.2 ounces and extends from 16 to 32 inches.

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The bag can be folded into the frame. Move your mouse over the picture to see how it is done. See our FAQ page for more information.


Here are some feedback from just a few of our customers.

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Run a kennel, and LOVE your product!

Scott Cook
Fletcher, NC

I first learned about the scooper genie from a canine companions for independence graduate who uses a wheelchair, and she had posted that she had ordered one on one of the yahoo groups for graduates that I belong to. I was very interested and purchased one.

It has been a lifesaver. Not only it is much easier for me to clean up after my dogs -- I do not have to bend to the ground to do so. I was so impressed that I spoke to CCI staff and recommended that they investigate to see whether this would be helpful for the graduates.

I had tried a variety of other shovel and scooper devices previously and this is by far the best!

Dr. Nancie Spector


ScooperGenie is the best thing since sliced bread. Since the original invention of sccoper poopers, many new designs and improvements have appeared, many of which work admirably well, and there are a blizzard of models from which to choose. However, as is often the case, ONE creative and distinctive new design, elegant in form and function, appears, which is head and shoulders above the rest: in this case that is Scooper Genie, next to which all other models seem ponderous and clumsy. If what you require is a scooper devoted to your own yard, so that size and portability don't much matter, then some of the two-piece units, like Petmate's Clean response system, work very well, have a large capacity, and have a considerable advantage in allowing the use of (free) plastic store bags. However, for vacations, traveling, or just for excursions with your dog(s) on walks, to parks, trails, etc., Scooper Genie is just outstanding. It is only 16" long, but extends easily to 24", and then 32", (and re-collapses) with a simple twist. Easy as pie. It is very light; carrying it is like carry a small "fetch" stick, no trouble at all. But perhaps best of all are the bag-handling design and the disposable bags, which allow almost effortless pickup at a comfortable distance and clean hands and scooper, with only one side surface of the bag exposed to soiling, and a (clean hands) folding-in motion of the bag that leaves no soiled surface exposed, allows still-easy carrying of the device until disposal, and also unfolding for a second use before disposal. The bag-ejector action is also neat, like an ejector-seat. Press the button and the bag is gone. ........... Scooper Genie: Great product, Great prices, Great customer service.

Alan Picklesimer
Ashland, KY

    Mandy & Sammy

Hi, I have a 4 year old (his birthday was yesterday!) American Pit Bull Terrier named Frankie. We rescued Frankie about 7 months ago and he is perfect. As a puppy, Frankie was abandoned to live on the streets. Rescued for the first time, he was used to fight. After being abused and neglected fighting for a few months, he was rescued a second time. Unaware of his aggression towards other dogs (he was unfortunately taught this when he was used to fight), his then owner was walking him, when he attacked another dog. The owner of the other dog grabbed a kitchen knife, and brutually stabbed frankie 7 times. Being a pit bull, being used to fight, and being stabbed, he was marked to be put down. However, a grateful animal behaviorist near us rescued, and rehabilated him. (Although he said he can't unteach him animal aggression, however we are fine with that as we live on a rural area where he is the only dog around and chases groundhogs, raccoons, opossums, squirrels, anything he pleases. Which we wanted in a dog) Frankie now loves all people and strangers are amazed when I tell them his story and then they see how friendly he is. Due to all my sympathy for him, I buy him many treats and toys. When I came across your product, it was absolutely terrific. It worked amazingly for me and Frankie. However, during the move to our new house, it was unfournately lost in the move. However, I will be getting a new one and just wanted to tell you thank you for such a terrific product!

Tyler Trunzo
Monongahela, PA


We got the ScooperGenie as a Christmas gift, and we love it. It is fast and easy to set up and simple and clean to dispose of. Great for walks with my dogs and no problem picking up their mess. Would definitely recommend to any dog owner.

The Willcox Family
Pearland, TX


The ScooperGenie is truly an amazing product!! It is hygienic (since you never touch a dirty bag), simple and easy enough for anyone to use! Like some of your other customers, I too use a wheelchair and have a service dog. Upon receiving my service dog from Educated Canines Assisting with Disabilities (ďECADĒ) 2 years ago, I researched the clean-up products available. I found the ScooperGenie to be very unique and have been a customer ever since. You donít have to bend over to use the scooper because the length is adjustable. You donít need strength or dexterity to push the button that releases the bag, nor do you have to worry about clean-up afterwards since the dirty bag is disposable and pops right off into the garbage. Also, it is easily carried since it collapsible. Your product made it possible for me to independently clean-up after my dog. In fact, my husband, who is able bodied, used my ScooperGenie so often that I had to buy him one too!

Elena Alvarez
Westchester, New York


I really appreciate the Scooper genie! I looked for a solution to scooping poop about a year before I got my Lifeline Service Dog, Shadow. I knew I needed something and the ScooperGenie helps me do what otherwise is very difficult near to impossible without much pain. Shadow helps me stay independent as I have Multiple Sclerosis. The ScooperGenie is the help I need to clean up after Shadow. Thank YOU!

Brenda McKee and Shadow
Montague, MI


I never do this sort of thing, but after using your product, I had to tell you just how much I LOVE this Scooper genie! I am 26 years old and because of a spinal cord illness, I am confined to a wheelchair. I have a golden retriever whom I love to death, but for a long time before I had the Scooper genie, I struggled with the issue of picking up after he went to the bathroom outside. There was just no way!

Then I came across your product online. It is revolutionary! I have absolutely no trouble operating this product. I only wish more people knew about it. I was wondering what you had done about trying to get this product into stores. I think it could be BIG, especially for the handicapped! I was also thinking about the ABC show Shark Tank, which features entrepreneurs with their products, and thought maybe that might be a good idea and would gain exposure.

I'm really just passionate about this product! Thank you so much, because it has made a huge difference in my life! Sincerely,

Margaret Hackett
Chicago, IL


I bought the scooper genie for my husband following his neck surgery and it has been a great success. He made sure our 50 lb. goldendoodle was well-trained not to pull while he was recovering through lots of walking, but we couldn't figure out how he was going to clean up after her since he couldn't bend over for six weeks. Your product was the perfect answer. He used it at the local dog park too! We would highly recommend it!

Joan, Steve, and Charli


Thank you.. I actually do lots of advertising for your company.. I drive a dog cart with two Shepherds pulling when they do their business I stop use your scooper and pick up, people will ask what is that I tell them your website...

Sherlei Lestarjette


I have used the ScooperGenie now for a month and as a quadriplegic in a motorized wheelchair, I wonder now how I ever survived without it. I had to ask for help picking up my Service Dog (Golden Retriever's) poop but now I can pick it up by myself using the ScooperGenie. It has given me more freedom to go places on my own and pick up after my own dog. Pushing the button to release the bag is so much easier than trying to tie a knot and is not as messy either. I enjoy my walks with my Service Dog so much more knowing I can be independent using the ScooperGenie and it is easy and fun to use. The fact that it telescopes out, makes it easier to reach the poop from my wheelchair and to make it compact again allows me to carry it easily on my chair without hitting the ground. For someone who has lost the ability to do so many things by myself, this gadget has really made me so happy because I can "do it myself!". Thank you for inventing something that has made my daily life with my dog easier and more independent.I would highly recommend this to anyone in a wheelchair, with limited mobility or even a bad back.

LaVonne Gudmundsson
San Diego, CA


I learned about your product while my beautiful CCI service dog and I were in team training. An instructor demonstrated the product and I went back to my dorm room that evening and promptly ordered a scooper genie. I absolutely love this product! Even from my wheelchair, cleaning up after my dog is a snap. The scooper genie saves stress on my neck, shoulders and arms and it has made our daily walks a much more pleasant experience. Thanks so much.

Joan Eslick and Benisa
Shelby, NC


ScooperGenie is the Best

As you can see we are BIG boys and our Mom has ALOT of cleaning up to do. With the scooper Genie life has been so much easier because it is sooo easy to use. Not only is the product great but the customer service is even better. ScooperGenie is as SUPER as we are.. Only the best for super heros Spiderman and Iron Man

Cathy Epstien
Boca Raton, FL

Parker & Stark Epstien

What a pleasant surprise! I received my shipment today and I couldnít understand why it was such a long box. I canít believe you sent me a new base. You so didnít have to do that! You sent me free bags in the past when I first commented about the quality on my second shipment of bags, and now Iím starting to feel guilty. Please donít send me anything else free! Youíve got a customer for life!

Your customer service is truly above and beyond the call of duty and I cannot begin to tell you how much I appreciate that. I too run a business where customer service is the most important thing to us and I stress that all the time and am constantly giving away ďfreebiesĒ when we have issues with our customers to make sure everyone is happy. It buys you so much loyalty and good feelings. I get asked all the time what Iím carrying and I always recommend you.

I donít have any kind of disability. I am just one of those people who canít pick up dog poop with the typical inside out bag without gagging and honestly, as I said, this product has really saved me. I can now take long walks with my dog without dreading that part of the walk, so our walks are always a pleasure, unless of course, she thinks she spots a squirrel, a cat or a lizard and goes for itÖ Sheís a Rottweiler Lab mix and really strong and Iím only 5í1Ē so Iíve been pulled off my feet many times.

Anyway, just wanted to thank you so much again.

Best regards,


Carrie Pollare
Green Grab Bag
Pacific Palisades, CA

Layla Pollare


i just started using the scooper genie and I LOOOOOOOOOOOVE IT!'s one of my favorite modern inventions! soon as morgan (my English mastiff puppy) squats, i extend the rod w/ the bag and NOTHING touches the grass!...

thanks so much for a great product!


Lisa Lambert
Center Valley, PA


It really is a great product. I tell everyone about it.

Dr. Freddy Seltzer
Bellmore NY

She loves it too!

I have tried all the other pooper-scooper and nothing work. You just insert the bag, scoop and eject. The frame is strong, but thin to easily get underneath the waste without smearing it on the ground. I trained

As easy as Insert, Scoop, Eject

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